nidigital module


As a prerequisite to using the nidigital module, you must install the NI-Digital Pattern Driver runtime on your system. Visit to download the driver runtime for your devices.

The nimi-python modules (i.e. for NI-Digital Pattern Driver) can be installed with pip:

$ python -m pip install nidigital


The following is a basic example of using the nidigital module to open a session to a digital pattern instrument, source current, and measure both voltage and current using the PPMU on selected channels.

import nidigital
import time

with nidigital.Session(resource_name='PXI1Slot2') as session:

    channels = 'PXI1Slot2/0,PXI1Slot2/1'

    # Configure PPMU measurements
    session.channels[channels].ppmu_aperture_time = 0.000004
    session.channels[channels].ppmu_aperture_time_units = nidigital.PPMUApertureTimeUnits.SECONDS

    session.channels[channels].ppmu_output_function = nidigital.PPMUOutputFunction.CURRENT

    session.channels[channels].ppmu_current_level_range = 0.000002
    session.channels[channels].ppmu_current_level = 0.000002
    session.channels[channels].ppmu_voltage_limit_high = 3.3
    session.channels[channels].ppmu_voltage_limit_low = 0

    # Sourcing

    # Settling time between sourcing and measuring

    # Measuring
    current_measurements = session.channels[channels].ppmu_measure(nidigital.PPMUMeasurementType.CURRENT)
    voltage_measurements = session.channels[channels].ppmu_measure(nidigital.PPMUMeasurementType.VOLTAGE)

    print('{:<20} {:<10} {:<10}'.format('Channel Name', 'Current', 'Voltage'))
    for channel, current, voltage in zip(channels.split(','), current_measurements, voltage_measurements):
        print('{:<20} {:<10f} {:<10f}'.format(channel, current, voltage))

    # Disconnect all channels using programmable onboard switching
    session.channels[channels].selected_function = nidigital.SelectedFunction.DISCONNECT

Other usage examples can be found on GitHub.

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